Connectably is lead-to-referral small business management software for B2B or B2C service businesses where your expertise or a physical skill is why your clients pay for your help
Connectably Features - Lead to Referral

Small business management software for time-scarce service business owners

As a business owner paid for your skill or expertise to solve problems for your customers, the last thing you expected to be doing was juggling all the monthly licenses and apps needed to run your service business ????????.
Use just some or all of the ???? software products in 1️⃣ that are part of Connectably and you solve much of this management problem. Look at those features labelled ???????????? or ???????? especially. Instead of staying disorganised and disconnected, start with one or two simple steps, and gradually become a more systemised business. You don't have to use many features to make a positive change. 
Connectably is available in three plans: Systemise (free), Automate and Get Paid and you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. What are the pain points that Connectably can solve for you? Take a look and see which might serve your business best...
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Choose how you start with Connectably (or watch a demo):


'Systemise' is a free plan and includes the following features:

Small business CRM software

Being disorganised has knock-on negative impacts for business. You make fewer sales so profits are dented and it's more tiring to manage so you feel less in control. Connectably's CRM helps you to manage relationships, track activities, and improve the way you run processes. It also syncs important shared info with Xero, Google Workspace or Office 365, if you use them.

You'll use the CRM to:

  • manage information you know about leads in one place;
  • manage sales, and sales opportunities;
  • send emails (linked with your Gmail or Outlook sent items);
  • book meetings (Google Calendar / Outlook calendar links);
  • manage tasks (links with Google Tasks / Outlook), and;
  • create notes so you don't lose things on scraps of paper.

Which businesses use the CRM feature? ????????????

CRM is used by all Connectably's users. If your business is new to CRM, our 'What is CRM?' piece is a good starter training.
"A CRM that works for us"
"We struggled with Salesforce for years but then we found Connectably. We now have a CRM that works for us, that enables the team to function the way we like to function.The system has been put together by a team that really know what works for owner-managed and entrepreneur-led businesses.”
James Lott
Lead Management Software

Lead management software

Connectably helps solve the lead management problem most time-scarce businesses encounter at some stage: life and other clients absorb your time and attention so despite best intentions, you end up letting perfectly acceptable leads who have been in contact fall by the way side.

Connectably's lead management helps you to:

  • capture enquiries on your website using web forms;
  • tag their interests, information and marketing activities;
  • take more action with contacts with things in common;
  • separate low-value leads from higher-value premium ones;
  • track marketing lead sources and their return on investment;
  • get ideas and inspiration for new services and products, and;
  • make your marketing focused, less bland and engaging.

What businesses use lead management? ????????

Lead management is used by businesses who want to move away from hit-and-hope marketing that treats all leads the same. Properly systemising and categorising lead management processes has profitable outcomes for small service businesses.
Sign up & start loving your leads more

Appointment booking software

One of the greatest time bandits in business is appointments scattered across your diary. It disrupts your flow, it’s inefficient, and it’s an energy drain. Connectably can help you avoid ‘appointment tennis’ with automated scheduling:

How's the appointment booking feature used?

  1. Connect Google Workspace or Office 365 to Connectably.
  2. Create appointment types with availability rules for different meeting types that suit you and your work week.
  3. Share the link with leads and clients so they choose times that work for them too when booking time with you.
  4. Connectably sends out the meeting invitations, all without any intervention or action on your part.

Who uses appointment booking? ????????????

Appointment booking is one of the most popular features in Connectably. It's a real time-saver and control restorer for small business owners.
"It does everything I need"
"As an independent coaching practice, I didn’t want or need anything big or cumbersome. Connectably is easy to use and simple to understand. It does everything I need. I love the way people can book calls with me. It streamlines the process, creating the appointment in Zoom and adds it to my calendar.”
Sherry Bevan

Workflow management software

Using workflow management is a very visual, but process-oriented way to stay on top of your client activities.

How's the workflow management feature used?

  • Set up and name workflows and stages to give structure to the way you work and based on what's relevant for you.
  • There are no limits on how many you can set up and run.
  • Combined with the 'Automate' plan, you can run mini-marketing automations as activities move between stages.

Who's workflow management useful for? ????????

Around 85% of Connectably users use workflow management:
  • Solo business owners not letting leads or work slip;
  • Multi-person businesses tracking activities in the team;
  • When you're working remotely and need an activity hub;
  • Multiple-stage sales processes where losing leads is costly;
  • Delivery processes or projects with multiple delivery steps;
  • When there are time gaps between activity or decision steps.
"Has transformed how we work"
"Before Connectably we kept all information on paper or in our heads. Connectably has transformed how we work, allowing us to track our orders through various workflows so the whole team knows what's happening, creating an efficient team.”
Rhiannon Evans


'Automate' is £50/mo (or £500/yr) per business and includes everything in Systemise plus the following additional marketing features:

Email marketing software

When you consider how you read emails in your own inbox, you probably find you take more action on emails that directly engage you than with generic 'blast' emails. So when you 'blast' emails that way too, why would your business' leads behave differently?
The problem stems from email services like Mailchimp. Mailchimp's great, but because it's not your CRM home, it gets used as a single long list of all contacts. So you 'blast' everyone then slump into a cycle of no meaningful engagement, low sales, effort wasted and frustration that 'email marketing doesn't work'.
Connectably repairs this broken relationship. 'Interest' tags segment contacts in the CRM so email marketing can be more targeted ????. This speaks to leads or clients where they are in their buying journey with you, addressing problems and fears they have right now, in context. Specificity always beats generality.

How's the email marketing feature used? ????????????

We've thoughtfully addressed some time and stress-savers:
  • style your email once to your branding, and all emails use it;
  • laser-target your messaging to specific contacts by tags;
  • zero-stress image, logo and text mobile responsiveness;
  • create visuals using Canva right from within Connectably.
"Better solutions all round"
"I have used many different CRM systems but was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward Connectably is. It isn’t just replacing our email marketing and calendar booking systems, but providing better solutions all round.”
Rory Delahoyde

Marketing automation software

Marketing automation can be your prize asset to really scale your time and energy in little sequences of micro follow-ups. As leads register or you move opportunities or projects through workflows, it sends emails or letters automatically, on timed delays. It helps you to treat leads and clients how you would on your best day, but every day.

How's marketing automation used? ????????????

Here are the Top 10 ways that micro-automations are used:
  1. Web form acknowledgement emails
  2. Meeting booking confirmations and pre-meeting information
  3. Lead magnet ebook delivery emails (see below)
  4. Welcome emails for new leads or clients - what to expect
  5. Lead nurturing emails: auto-responder series
  6. Re-engagement emails when a relationship has gone cold
  7. Testimonial request emails: asking for reviews or referrals
  8. Transactional emails: order confirmations
  9. Reminders: subscription updates or password reset help 
  10. Connecting Zapier with over 3,000 other online apps
"Takes away mundane tasks"
"Connectably helps me keep in touch with my clients and future clients, keeping all my information accessible in one place and automating follow up messages. It has been hugely beneficial in taking away mundane tasks helping me to focus on delivering a top quality service to my clients.”
Tim Matcham

Ebook creation software

Fewer than 2% of visitors to your website are ready to buy, and the vast majority of the remainder will never return without a reason to do so. So having a strong lead magnet on your website is especially valuable.

Follow these golden rules for success, that the lead magnet will:

    1. offer value you'd normally expect to pay for, and;
    2. be actionable within minutes of them opting-in.
Other marketing software companies don't attach the PDF to the email. They force you to include a link to the ebook in your email. But Connectably's marketing automation can attach ebook PDFs to emails we send out for you after the opt-in. It's one less step the recipient has to take to get value from your service.

How's the ebook creation feature used?

  • Draft the content for your ebook in our PDF builder.
  • Add imagery, and video links to your PDF. Use our link up with Canva to create graphics without leaving Connectably.
  • Customise the ebook with information from the contact's record - welcome them by their name, reference a pain point they have, include a note about the place they live in etc.

Who uses the ebook creation feature? ????????

If new, quality leads are valuable to you, then ebook lead magnets are an efficient asset in nurturing those leads. They're great for teaching your lead 'how' to buy and what mistakes they should not make. As a result, they're an ideal path to positioning you as an expert. Others see it as advanced marketing, yet it's simple to understand and implement using Connectably.

Get Paid

'Get Paid' is £100/mo (or £1000/yr) per business and includes everything in the Systemise and Automate plans plus the following additional sales features:

Quoting tool

The concept of quoting can feel awkward and time consuming. But wIthout quoting, you're probably not charging or getting paid what you're fully worth. And how often do your client interactions also end up with little, undocumented mini-scope creeps that you don't end up billing for? Connectably's PDF quoting tool helps you to quote quickly, accurately and fully, whatever size the work:

Templating quotes using Connectably...

  • saves you time by being prepared in advance;
  • positions your brand and offer with consistency and clarity;
  • is less stressful and doesn't burn the midnight oil;
  • means your signature packages are always ready to go;
  • stacks value in your offer with what you can deliver well;
  • means you can hit 'send' as you leave the sales meeting, and;
  • can get your offer accepted (& paid for) without further calls.

What businesses use the quoting tool? ????

Quotes are used by businesses who have a clear value proposition for their clients, and clients value this clarity. It's no coincidence these businesses charge fees that are towards the top of their industry. Is this you, or a positioning you aspire to?
"The ultimate CRM for busy business owners"
"This is the ideal CRM for busy business owners. Connectably makes it easy to close orders via a choice of payment gateways, and streamline the call scheduling and quoting process. Their support is also extremely responsive.”
Rob Drummond

Payments software

As a small business owner, clients who consistently fail to pay on time suck energy and motivation from you. Worse, your clients see a conflicting image of you delivering service but chasing payments at the same time. Our hosted order forms solve this.

What will you do with Connectably's order forms?

  • Create secure and stylish order forms in our builder;
  • Pull products and service from your Xero account;
  • Take one off, subscription or even staged payments for work;
  • Get paid by debit or credit card using our Stripe integration;
  • Take direct debits or bank transfers with GoCardless;
  • When your client buys, payments hit your account in days;
  • Connectably syncs invoices and payments with Xero.

Who takes payments using Connectably? ????????

Our payments software is popular with business owners who want to go from sales meeting to launch without the hassle of chasing payments. Sending an order form to buy (with, or without a quote) shows you as professional and organised, and starts all new client relationships as cash-flow positive ones.
"Support has been excellent"
"Connecting a CRM system with billing and calendar booking is an invaluable tool for any small business. It is very easy to use with some clever functionality. Whenever I have needed tips or help using the system, the support has been excellent.”
Susan Heaton-Wright

Systems and process management software

Business owners who implement Connectably aren't always natural systemisers, but quickly develop an enjoyment of the freedoms and consistencies it can deliver in their businesses. Using Connectably, you can manage seven sales and marketing processes in three customer systems. We'll teach you how, but here's an overview of Connectably's Simpler Method®:

Customer Acquisition System processes:

  1. Sign-up: get leads from the web, social or offline contact.
  2. Inspire: follow-up marketing so your leads take action.
  3. Meet: how you offer, get and run successful sales meetings.

Customer Onboarding System processes:

  1. Propose: send professional looking quotes.
  2. Launch: onboard and deliver new client work.

Customer Delight System processes:

  1. Enhance: turn first-time clients into repeat ones.
  2. Refer: systemise getting client testimonials and referrals.

How popular is systemising? ????????

Systemising how you Sign-Up new leads via website forms, Meeting bookings and email follow-up as you Inspire new leads or Onboard them are the four most popular processes that Connectably users improve in their businesses.
But it's those businesses who also systemise the Proposal and payments processes in their businesses who measurably see the highest financial rewards.

Do more than 'just' CRM

Most small businesses feel befuddled by software and it kills momentum.
Connectably is small business management software that helps you sign up and manage clients in one place. 
When you clean up your processes you get more time for your clients and your business grows.

Save time

Manage email marketing, sales and client workflows in one place

Grow simply

Think about your business in a more scalable, sustainable way

Get support

Implement quickly with excellent support and training provided

Save money

Replace multiple software subscriptions with just one

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