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November 28, 2021

Implementing software can feel daunting. But when you see the outcomes of automating processes in your business it's also incredibly rewarding, such as by:

  • cloning yourself with email automation follow-ups that build rapport with your leads without you having to lift a finger;
  • sparing you time and hassle without playing email appointment tennis by sending an appointment booking link, or;
  • getting you paid automatically by using online quotes and payment forms without you having to send or chase invoices.

There are many examples of time savers and attention-scalers you can achieve with Connectably. In this article I've broken down exactly what services we offer to get you there and some examples of who might benefit from each service.

I'm the founder of the business and run a small, attentive team. Helping our users achieve their business goals is - and always has been - our best route to growing our user base and getting referrals. It's also really rewarding to see business owners who care about their own customers and business succeed.

Make sure you read to the end because you'll also see my summary of the elephants 🐘🐘🐘🐘 in the room you face when you look at other software options. Our services are designed to address all of these elephants in the different ways we work with you.

Service 1: Self-access help (£ free)

Unlike many software companies, we do not require you to pay for training or implementation support to launch Connectably in your business. We do provide it if you need (see below), but we also provide a very comprehensive selection of training and help in the app itself and on our blog.

Without any additional cost, you can access online help in Connectably via the help button on every page in the app, whatever your subscription level.

The button gives you immediate access to:

  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of functionality and setup;
  • Video help to see how to do it, and;
  • Other links to business-oriented training on marketing / sales / copywriting techniques that will help you to make more from your business' sales and marketing activities.
HA Hosting Connectably User Stories

"I was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward Connectably is. It isn't just replacing our email marketing and calendar booking systems, but providing better solutions all round."

Rory Delahoyde
Managing Director, HA Hosting

Our self-access help in the application is the perfect antidote to how other software services frustrate you with help pages on a separate website, or make you visit pages that don't look like the software you're using. In Connectably it's right there: one click opens up the step-by-step walkthroughs and help. It baffles us that other software services don't do this ????.


Self-access help is a great, low-cost option for those who know pretty much what they need to achieve but just need some online help steps to achieve the goals. It gives you everything you need to use the software and implement your objectives in CRM, email marketing, quotes and getting paid.

Your investment

Self-access help is free to access and use in all Connectably accounts and all plans. You can access it directly in the Connectably application, accessed via the help button on every page.

Quoting Tool

Start off now with a free
Connectably account

Service 2: Simpler Method® (£1500 / £3500)

Simpler Method® is Connectably’s signature service offering and comes from over ten years of experience working with service businesses like yours. It combines the strategy you'll implement with the words and messages you'll use, with the implementation of everything in Connectably, on your website and in your accounting software.

It is a proprietary implementation methodology that helps you to make more sales more profitably without feeling buried by software. Simpler Method® will improve the way you win new clients, manage that work and delight clients so that they buy more from you or refer you to others like them.

'Simpler' stands for Sign-up, Inspire, Meet, Propose, Launch, Expand and Refer. These are the 7 core processes to get more clients and grow your business and cover the three customer systems in your business: Acquisition, Onboarding and Delight:

Simpler Method by Connectably
Connectably's 7-step Simpler Method that manages the processes used in the three core customer systems in your business

Lost between mountains

Think of the seven processes as mountains your clients face when working with you. When your business doesn't support them fully at each stage, it feels to your clients like they are scrambling up and down these mountains on their own without much help from you. It can leave them feeling like they’re doing a lot of the hard work to get what they really need from your service. Most would give up, far from delighted.

  • Have you had clients pester you for a meeting, asked questions you haven't addressed, chased you for a quote you promised, or reminded you to finish off the work you've agreed to the standard they expect?
  • Worse still, have you had clients who've started off keen but then not really engaged? Seemed detached, or disinterested? That's when they've lost so much hope in you that they just want the relationship over.

The hill-top stroll

When you do have client processes in place to manage these systems, they feel - by contrast to poorer service they receive elsewhere - like they're strolling from mountain top to mountain top along a bridge you made just for them. They're happy at every step of the way, because you've been thoughtful in the way you've considered what they need and addressed their problems and concerns. You've better systemised the way you acquire and onboard customers so that you can then capitalise on their delight with referrals and additional services.

Working Knowledge Seminar

"We struggled with Salesforce for years but then we found Connectably. We now have a CRM that works for us. The system has been put together in a simple way by a team that really know what works for owner-managed and entrepreneur-led businesses.”

James Lott
Working Knowledge

The happy misperception: "But my clients aren't climbing mountains"

If comparing the experiences your clients have with you to them 'scaling mountains' sounds a bit dramatic and you're sceptical that this would ever happen in your business, go log in to your accounting software and bring up the report of invoices raised in the last 12 months. Next, log in to your website, your LinkedIn, or your Google page and see how many of those customers who've spent money with you have also left testimonials for you, or asked you to provide more services to them. There's a gap isn't there? And it's far from being just because you haven't asked (though this is a factor).

You see, business owners have this happy misperception that they're always providing great client service. And yet their testimonials and repeat purchase history tells a very different story. Fix your clients' experiences and you also solve your leads problem, any problems you ever get from 'difficult clients' and any stresses you ever feel from spinning plates serving clients' differing needs and expectations. Simpler Method® is definitely worth a look.

Simpler Method® includes:

Customer Acquisition System

  • Sign-up: get web visitors or people who interact with you on social media to become leads.
  • Inspire: use planned follow-ups (email / letters) to nurture prospects to take a next action with you.
  • Meet: get interested leads schedule appointments with you, send communications leading to the meeting, and manage the meeting to a successful outcome of verbal agreement for what will be delivered.

Customer Onboarding System

  • Propose: with agreement on what will be delivered, you document and send a professional looking PDF-format quote that summarises what you agreed to deliver in the sales meeting to leave your customer feeling fully in control of the process without having spent money with you yet.
  • Launch: onboard new clients, manage expectations and deliver the work.

Customer Delight System

  • Enhance: manage the upsell or cross-sell process to turn first-time clients into repeat ones.
  • Refer: implement a systematic process for clients to endorse you with testimonials and/or refer warm leads.

You can choose to have us support you to implement just one or all of the three customer systems in your business when you work with us. Doing one gets you moving and positions you to do the others on your own. Doing all three sees you fully supported end-to-end.

Software-wise, Simpler Method® just needs Connectably, your website and your accounting software to be successful. We'll help you with reviews of your words and images that manage that journey for your clients.

Your investment

These are the two Simpler Method® programmes:

  • 60 day programme: £1500 +vat. This is most popular with new users. You'll pick one of the three systems to implement fully in your business in 60-days. You'll have weekly mentoring meetings to plan, prepare and review. We'll cover strategy, process, copywriting, technology implementation and training. The Customer Onboarding System is the most popular system to implement by more established businesses who want to bring order to the way they deliver work for their clients. The Customer Acquisition System is most popular with solopreneurs and newer businesses who need to get traction and sales momentum to establish themselves more profitably.
  • 6 month programme: £3500 +vat - the 6-month programme works the same way as the 60-day programme but completely implements all 3 systems and 7 steps of the Simpler Method® in your business, overhauling and improving the way you manage these seven client management processes.
What Is CRM Lightbulb 08

Give your business and your clients the love they crave using the Simpler Method®

Service 3: Sponsored development (from £500)

When you're looking for software, sometimes you find what looks like almost the perfect solution but it doesn't do x, y or z thing, or it doesn't connect with a particular online software you use.

It's frustrating when this happens, and made more infuriating when the software company won't entertain adding the feature for you.

At Connectably, however, because we try to walk in your shoes, we're always happy to have that 'can you add this feature?' conversation. In return, all that we ask is that you partially sponsor its development if we agree to move ahead with it.

Sponsored development is where you pay for the development component of adding an additional feature, or commit to a longer-term software subscription in return for getting the exact functionality or feature you're looking for. We fund the planning, project management, design, testing and ongoing support for it.

When Connectably was founded, we did so to solve a precise challenge like this. Back then it was that there wasn't a really good, fully integrated, Xero CRM. But since then, we've accommodated a wide-range of user-requested features into Connectably. These have included appointment bookings, automations, and the integrations with Docmail, Stripe and Keap.

Sherry Bevan 2

""As an independent coaching practice, I didn’t want or need anything big or cumbersome. Connectably is easy to use and simple to understand. It does everything I need. I love the way people can book calls with me. It streamlines the process, creating the appointment in Zoom and adds it to my calendar.””

Sherry Bevan
The Confident Mother

How Sponsored Development works in 6 steps:

  1. You work with us to explain the business idea for a functional or integration modification to Connectably.
  2. Between us, we determine if it's a service that will benefit a large number of our existing or prospective users as well as you.
  3. If it is, you pay us to design, develop and test the solution for it.
  4. In return, we will offer you a subscription-free period for your Connectably account if the development piece is relatively small (e.g. up to a few thousand pounds). Or if it's a larger development project, in return for your sponsorship, we might partner with you on sales to a particular audience who may also benefit from the development.
  5. Once developed, we will train you up and support you to benefit from it in your business.
  6. We will then fund and support the ongoing management of the new feature or integration for you and other users.

It benefits you because you benefit from the functionality to help an important part of your business workflows. You'll also influence the design of something in Connectably, a product you already like and value. We benefit because it keeps us at the forefront of listening to user feedback and delivering value. And our other users benefit from additional functionality if it's useful to them.

It is perfect for businesses who like 90% of what Connectably is about, but just need that extra piece of functionality to make it a really effective and valuable choice for their business.

Your investment

Sponsored development starts at £500. Project costs depend on complexity. For reference, most projects are less than a few thousand pounds (~4-5 days development) but we've also completed projects up to £25000.

More complex and involved projects involve more project management, development and testing and are typically implemented to support the aims of a sales partnership where there is value to you as the sponsor to offer a version of Connectably that serves businesses who have something specific in common (e.g. they all use a specific software product, or are all in a specific industry).

To arrange a discussion, please use the button below to book a call.

Old phones

Let's discuss your Sponsored Development project idea

What next?

This article has covered how you can work with us to solve some of the software and non-software problems in your business.

Now that you know exactly how we can help you, why not get in touch? If you have any extra questions we’d be happy to help.

Book a call and let's have a chat to see if we can help. But before you do so, let's look at those elephants in the room 🐘🐘🐘🐘.

Elephants in your room

Software isn't your only problem. Implementing any software in your business can feel daunting and time-consuming, and not just because you have to learn a new piece of software. There are three elephants in the room when you're choosing and implementing software:

  1. 🐘 You run a service business. You get paid for your other skills and knowledge, not an expertise in technology. When you launched your business, nobody took you to one side and told you that some of your biggest frustrations and wasted days of work would be around fiddling with software. You wish they had ????. Connectably has its origins as a service-based business. We wouldn't exist if this frustration with complex software had been addressed by others. We call it solving software overwhelm. See Service 1, 'Self-Access Help', especially for help on this.
  2. 🐘 You want to use technology as the switch to fix a process gap that you haven't yet had a full process in place for offline. Beyond the software itself, there are often also new marketing or sales effectiveness or copywriting techniques that you need to learn and understand at the same time to get the process right. See Service 2, Simpler Method®, that can help you here (if you need it).
  3. 🐘 And finally, the 'not quite everything' elephant. Software companies do this infuriating thing of solving 80% of your problem but then you need other apps to fix the other 20% 🤯. They're designed to solve a set of specific user problems they think people have, but you have other requirements. See Service 3, Sponsored Development, if you need help here.

Put together, software's not the only elephant in the room but if you work with us, we can help you to address them.

If you'd like to arrange a discussion about any of the services we cover, or about any other

Old phones

Let's talk about what you need your business to do


Gareth Everson

Gareth's the founder of Connectably. He's a business systemiser who helps small business owners who aren't always natural "software people" to systemise their processes, understand marketing technology, improve client experiences, launch new services, get paid their true worth, and increase the value of their business. Connectably is a self-funded software business (founded 2017) that serves other small businesses. You can follow Connectably here, and connect with Gareth here.
Author: Gareth Everson - Founder Connectably

Do more than 'just' CRM

Most small businesses feel befuddled by software and it kills momentum.
Connectably is small business management software that helps you sign up and manage clients in one place. 
When you clean up your processes you get more time for your clients and your business grows.

Save time

Manage email marketing, sales and client workflows in one place

Grow simply

Think about your business in a more scalable, sustainable way

Get support

Implement quickly with excellent support and training provided

Save money

Replace multiple software subscriptions with just one

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